Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Tribute To Yasmin Ahmad

Some people are trying to build our Malaysian relationship, Yasmin Admad is one of them. We should appreciate, and remember. Share this out to all your friend. Let's build a better living area for our children, for our next generations. 1Malaysia

She's gone too soon. She left us with great memories although I don't know her personally, her work of arts just sparkles and show who she really is. No boundaries, no religion or race issues, she has opened up our heart and mind to accept the culture, to break the culture barriers. She is truly a Malaysian icon, the one and only woman that has ever bring the smile, laugh, tears and love to all of the Malaysians.

These are taken from the Malaysian citizen in different races when they mourn about the loss of Yasmin Ahmad :

Majalah 3 :  Yasmin Ahmad, A Legendary Person Worth Remembering

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